This weekend went by fast. So on Friday morning my cousins came over right before I was even heading to school. Went I got back from school cleaned up a little bit and then watched a movie with them. On Saturday we had to wake up early because my brothers baseball game started at 8:30. On Sunday we went to the A’s game. By the way the A’s won. My brothers was going to run the field but he was tired so we left. But we took lots of pictures and one with a player. Then not to long ago I watched the Winchester movie. It wasn’t really that scary, just weird, I guess.

Favorite Youtubers Updated

As you can tell from the title I am going to write about my favorite youtubers because I want to! So I love youtube I watch it every single day and I watch some random stuff. But I’m going to write my top 5 favorite youtubers! So my first of course would be the Dolan Twins. I love them so much and they are really funny to watch. They have a great sense of humor and they are just perfect. My second favorite youtuber would have to be Shane Dawson. He is extremely funny and I could watch anyone of his videos that have a boring title and manage to laugh through the entire video. My next favorite youtuber is James Charles because he is interesting to watch and can learn new things while watching his videos. My fourth favorite youtuber is David Dobrik. He has funny videos and hes always doing the craziest things. My fifth favorite youtuber would be Liza Koshy because shes creative and funny. That concludes this blog!

My weekend

On Saturday I went to drive to LA with my grandma, my grandmas boyfriend, my mom, my dad, my cousin, my sister, and my brother. We went for my sisters birthday. We got to LA at around 12 o’clock and we went to Hollywood Blvd for 2 hours. Then we went to some apartment room we went to. Then on Sunday we went to Universal studios and it was so cool. I saw the self tying shoes that were worn to Michael J. fox and worn by him in Back to the Future. Then on Monday it was my sisters birthday and we drove back home. Since we got there at like 3 o’clock we had a BBQ and ate ice cream cake and sang Happy Birthday to my sister. That was it!

My weekend

I did not do much this week. But on Saturday early in the morning. At 8 o’clock I had to go to my brothers baseball game. He’s really good at baseball. After that I went home and went to sleep. I got up and at like 6 pm we were going to go get my cats medicine but the store was about to close so we just left. I went to my grandpa’s house after that and played with his dogs. Me and my brother ran all over his backyard, because he has a big backyard. Today is Sunday, in the morning I went to go walk with my brother in dad to a creek and had breakfast after that. My cousin is also coming over, even though its kind of late. So I’m just waiting for that.

My favorite movies:Updated

So I already did a blog post about this earlier during the year, but as you can tell from the title this is UPDATED. My favorite movie of all time will never change. I am just going to write down my top 5 favorite movies. My favorite movie is Fast and Furious, I love every single one of those movies but my top favorite are 2 and 7. I love all the action. I also love how they are always there for each other and are loyal and respectful to one another. My second favorite movie is 8 mile. This is one of my favorite movies because one of my favorite artist is Eminem. My third is Shrek because it always makes me laugh and the jokes in the movie are just so funny. My fourth would probably be Back to the Future. The second one is my favorite because they go to the future and to the past in the movie. My 5th favorite movie would be willy wonka because of how much chocolate there is in the movie. But willy wonka kind of creeps me out, but its still a good movie.

Grade update

So I don’t have as much as good grades as I did last year, but I guess there okay. On period A I have an F. Which I don’t really know why, I do all my blog post, I missed like 3, but I have not done my films. Which is what I get. But an F, at least a D. Period 1 and 2 I have B’s. In my third period class I have a C and I don’t understand why, the only paper I have not done is about some tribe, that we never even learned about, he just told us to do it and said nothing else. That’s not much help. There’s 30 different kids in the class with different minds and personalities, you think teaching all of them the same thing once is going to solve any problems that a student might have. And he’s did not teach anything about it, which makes it even more difficult or worst. He also gives some ridiculous assignments, he makes the class do something about an important assignment about what topic we are writing about, why its important, and why this effects student. He showed some thing about “Oprah running for president” (some click bait stuff) and can you give me an example of how that relates to Hercules Middle School students. There you have it because guess what it does not. Its not really helpful. No offense, but I am not learning from this,neither is any of the class. The rest of my classes I have A’s.

cousin’s engagement party

Today is Sunday. I woke up and couldn’t go to sleep, why? Because my cat kept meowing outside my door and she would not shut up. So I woke up, checked my phone, and took a shower. My grandma and her husband(not step-grandfather, JUST husband) came over and they were going to leave with us. We left at around 1:00 and it was really fun. I got to see my cousins, which I have not have seen in a while. We played outside and did a bunch of dares and it was really fun. My cousin rented a hall so the party only lasted at 4. It was so short, we thought there was going to be an after party at her house, but there was not. I am happy for her and fiance and wish the best for them.

What I did this weekend

So I am always writing about my weekend, so I’ll probably start writing about something else. So on Friday I went home early because I felt sick. On Saturday my aunt and cousin came over. Then my grandpa came over. At like 7 o’clock we went to trader Joe’s and Walmart. On Sunday, which is today, I ate crapes in the morning. My mom made them and they tasted really good. After we went to Dick sporting goods. Then ate at BJ’s, went to the mall, TJ-maxx, and then World Market. That was it.

What I did this weekend

I did not really do much during the weekend. On Saturday I had to wake up at 8:00 to go to my brothers baseball game. He’s 4, his baseball team is around 3,4, and 5. No one won, I guess. It was a tie. On Sunday, I did not really do anything till 2:30. We went out to get some snacks. Then we went to Barnes and Nobles because why not. I found 3 books that look interesting and got them. So yeah that was basically it.

What I did during break

So the break was 2 weeks ago, but I am going to write about it anyway. So the only exciting thing I did was on Tuesday, February 20. I went to a concert. I do not care what people say but yes, I went to a Jacob Sartorius concert. A lot of people do not like him, but um…I do not care. The other day I guess I did not really go out or do anything but I am glad that there was no school.