Script Comparisons

The script/film that I chose was sing. Looking at the script and movie was different, it was the same thing. The script had everything written down, like the actions of the characters, the dialogue, or whats happening. The movie is just showing whats going on speeding up from whats was written on the scrip. Nothing was really different between the script and the movie, but one of the first scenes. Two people get their tickets, go into a theater, find seats and it is not mentioned in the script. The script had every little detail of what happened in the movie, which makes sense, but its all organized of whats going to happen or whats being planned. The movie uses a lot of different shots that are in the script. They push back the angle to make the scene wider and they turn and face the camera to different people or directions. Usually after most of the dialogue there are descriptions of what the character is doing, if they are walking or sitting down, or the slightest action. Writing scripts in my opinion is hard, making a full script for a movie that people watch and judge on is even more difficult. Looking at this script there was a lot of things that I could have improved on my scrips. I never really mentioned setting, location, or anything else. I did use a lot of dialogue though, and that was what I mainly thought was the most important part of a script. But in scripts people mentions settings and sounds. I never mentioned sounds in my scripts. I do think that it is important to mention sound because its an important part of the movie. The biggest surprise when I looked at the film’s script is that there was not as much dialogue as I thought. Most of the pages are just filled with locations, actions, and sounds. In movies dialogue is most of what your paying attention to, in scripts it focuses on whats happening rather then what characters are saying. Other than that, I never really found anything else different in the script other than the actions being more important then the dialogue. This was fun to look at, seeing how different a film and a script look.

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