Wednesday’s field trip.

Wednesday morning the whole class was heading to a field trip. The kids were in different cars in groups. The first stop was McDonald’s, the class had to buy their own food. Then the class was going to San Francisco. It took about an hour and 20 minutes. We had two field trips, one to KQED and San Francisco State. Our field trip for KQED started at 10:30 and we got there at about 8 o’clock. But waited for a while, we also went to the park to wait tell the tour started. Once we got  inside we saw were they filmed their news. Then they split the kids up and did tours with different people. It was fun and looked cool. If I had the chance to go again I would. Then at around 12 o’clock we went back to the cars and drove to San Francisco state. We went inside to go and eat in their cafeteria. Then we got a tour and looked around their film classrooms. After we finished the tour we went to their merchandise store and looked around. Then we left. San Francisco state was cool as well because their film studios look nice. After we went back to the school and went home.

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