Vine 2.0

So I heard on Twitter that there is going to be a Vine 2. I mean I guess that is cool, but vine died a year ago. I kinda like it gone, just because it is like a memory now. But since the app is returning to the internet I am excited. I get to see more creative personalities and things to make me smile in my free time or just whenever I want. I loved vine, so it would be cool to see it coming back, but I do like it better as a memory. I watch random vine videos every day. I waste at least 5 hours a week watching old vine compilations, to the point where it is unhealthy, but I could not care less. I have a bunch of favorite different types of viners. Now that more social media personalities have entered the “social media world” or the platform itself, gives them a chance to express themselves and many others to come, in just 6 seconds. So this is interesting. What is actually interesting is that I am not stealing someone else’s blog post idea’s. This is some idea I have at 1 o’clock in the morning. I was bored and thinking ,”What do people want, what do people want?” Then I was thinking, What do I want? Aha….Then I wrote this. And honestly that whole story I just made up of the idea, that actually did not happen, so yeah!

Christmas Eve

I celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve, like have a party on Christmas Eve instead of Christmas. It is currently Christmas Eve. And when I say Christmas Eve, it is 12:40 a.m. So today there is going to be a party at my house at around 5 pm. And I am excited. Right now I am next to my sister, she is watching her favorite show, CSI. This has nothing to do with the title, but whatever. As my sister would say, “Click-bait Views.” Yeah that’s it!


Christmas is in about a week and I am really excited. Kinda. On Monday my mom bought me and my sister our Christmas presents. She tried to wrap them, in front of our face. And Yeah. I looked under the tree and found my sister’s Christmas present and found my sister. Then I started looking for mine. I found mine, probably has clothes in the box or something like that. Well, I cannot wait for Christmas because it is my second favorite Holiday, besides Halloween. I don’t want any money for Christmas this year because I actually want to unwrap something, so I asked for anything besides money, just because. And I love Christmas because my family is there and I usually see all of them on Holiday’s. So the last time I saw all of them together was on Thanksgiving. So I am excited.


So this weekend did go really fast. But it was cool so yeah. On Saturday my cousin came over and she slept over. So on Saturday I did not really do anything but go to Target. On Sunday I went to the Ribely’s Believe it or not Museum in San Francisco.  It was really cool. At the end of the museum they had a mirror maze that was so hard to find the exit it was making me lose my marbles. They also had laser tag which was cool. After we left I went to the arctic arcade, which is one of my favorite places to go to. And I went home and my cousins came over and I had a lot of fun so yup!

My merch came in

This is going to be a short blog post. So this Thursday i was so mad because I was suppose to get my Dolan Twin Merchandise and it did not come in! So yeah, I was really mad about it. But on Friday, I came home hopping that my merch had came. And guess what it did. So I was really happy. And I thought it looked nice and I wore it 3 days straight. So I did say this blog was short.


Yeah, it is December. I just do not understand why my mom wants to start to put up the tree now. There is nothing wrong with it I just think it is to early.  But anyway my mom put up a tree on Sunday. I think it is cool and all but whatever. My birthday is in less than a month. My birthday is on January 1st. No one believes me when I tell them that, like why would I be lying. Do you want a birth certificate? One of my favorite youtubers birthday is coming up as well. On December 16, so um… yeah. So that is it!


Once again my weekend did not go as planned. I was supposed to go to Ribley’s Museum in San Francisco, but that did not happen. It did not happen because my cousin was suppose to come with us but she did not come. So we did not go, hopefully we will go next week, I think i said that last week. Instead we did nothing, the only thing we did was go to some pet shop to get my cat some shots, then my cousin decides to come over. Oh my gosh, like why are you here now, oh my gosh. It was 7:00. She left. On Sunday I went to my cousins house, so that my mom and grandma could get a facial from my cousins mom. So that is all I did.