Christmas is my second favorite Holiday. Because I love Halloween better. No offense to all the people who like Christmas more, because people would usually tell me, ” What how can you like Halloween more that Christmas!” I am just like whatever. But over the weekend, my mom took me and my sister to my grandma’s house. When we were gone she had to be the one to entertain my little brother. So she started to put up Christmas decorations. It is not even December yet. My Cousins birthday is on Wednesday and my grandmas is on Thursday. Funny right….not really, because i only have 10 dollars and that is not even enough to get one of them a present, so how am i going to get them something! I also preordered some of my favorite youtubers merchandise. I am really happy about that. I do not know what the title of this blog will be, but hopefully its something you want to press on…NOPE.


This week was pretty fun. The best part was that school was off on Thursday and Friday. So on Thursday, it was obviously Thanksgiving. And yes, i was thankful for the food. Well i am really thankful for my family. The food was awesome. But my stomach hurt so frikking much that i could barely stand. I did nothing for Black Friday. But since my mom works at night she took me and my sister to my grandma’s house. My Grandma lives in Daly City. On Saturday my grandma took me and my sister and our aunt to Denny’s. We ate food obviously. After that we picked up our cousin, and we all went to the movies. We watched Daddy’s Home 2 since my grandma and her boyfriend do not really know English they did not understand the movie at all. After the movie my grandma told me it was the dumbest thing she ever watched and wanted to watch coco. The first Daddy’s Home was one of my favorite movies so i am glad i watched number 2. After we went to Target and bought some things. Then we all went to sleep. At 6 o’ clock my mom came to pick up me and my sister. We were going to go to Ribley’s Believe it or Not, in the fishermen’s pier. But sadly it started to rain and we could not go. That is why i am writing my blog post at 3 o’clock and not at 7. But my mom said we are going next week so yay, i guess.


My first period teacher assigned a project that we need to present to the class. I obviously, do not like speaking in front of a crowd, and possibly to get judged on the project by the teacher. Which is why I get so nervous about these kind of things. He literally gave everyone in the class the projects paper right after we just finished presentations. I of course was nervous. And I do not usually like doing so many  different projects at once. Because next week we are going to do a test, present and go to the lab and write an essay. This is all in three days. Now I was actually really excited about doing this project because it was about the periodic table of elements. But we have to draw it out on a poster which I hope to do the best for.

3rd period

My 3rd period teacher has been gone for the past 2 days. He will be coming back after Thanksgiving Break. He did not tell us where he was going but that is really none of my business. But on Friday he gave the classroom some work that the students did not agree to neither did the sub. The classes sub states,” I had to look twice to make sure if he was actually giving this to you.” Then she laughed. What my teacher had giving the classrooms assignment was to write the entire U.S. Constitution. The class was shocked at what he had given us. Not only is he making us waste paper but he is also making us write down over 10,000 words and over 8 pages. That kind of threw me off. But as soon as instructions were given, I went to work. And that is what had basically happened.

My night routine

Not because I am fresh out of idea’s and am doing a blog at 9:00but I am making a blog about my night routine. After homework I do would probably take a shower. After my shower I would eat as much as I could, then be on my phone for about half an hour or an hour. Before going to bed I will brush my teeth and that would usually take 20 minutes because I got braces and I broke about 2-4 brackets that my mom does not know about and hopefully will not find out! After I brush my teeth I check my backpack to make sure I finished everything plus I need to charge my tablet. I got back to my room and play with my phone for about 30 minutes then go to bed. But it takes me about 25-40 minutes to try and fall asleep because I try to make sure I have everything done. Speaking of that I should start my homework? Bye got to get my homework done! (I did my homework!)

Raider’s win

It is currently 8:30 and it is also Sunday. The raider’s have just won one of their games. I had to blog about this because they lost pretty bad last week and I really needed something to talk about, which is why I like to blog on a Sunday. The won to the Dolphins. The score was 27-24. And hopefully being the loyal fan that i am i had faith in them that they would win. They now have 4 wins and 5 looses. This is not as good as last season but hopefully the Raider’s try to do good this year. Because winning is funner for the team and the fans.