Dad’s birthday

This Thursday was my dad’s birthday. He was turning 38. Thursday i had no school so i stayed home trying to clean up for my dad. He went to work and did not get back until 7:00. We were thinking about going to dinner but it was to late. When my dad got home me, my sister, my brother, and my mom all said happy birthday. We got a cheesecake for my dad earlier that day. We sang happy birthday to him and ate the cheesecake.


School cancelled?!?

This Monday there was a  fire in Napa, i believe, and smoke spread everywhere and many areas were ruined. Monday was already a day that you did not have to go to school for. But on Tuesday it smelled like smoke, this smoke could have triggered anyone’s asthma, it just smelled so bad. I thought Wednesday would be better but i was wrong it was even worse. I had a huge headache and a sore thought. School  was cancelled because the smoke was really bad. Even ashes were coming down from the sky. Friday was also cancelled it was better but not so good. I think during the weekends the smoke kind of cleared up and the smell was going away.

Guest Blog!/?!

Well this is a guest blog.My name is Rubi the name on word press is rubisgemblogs. Well lets see i’m going to talk about YouTube. Well the big youtubers aren’t the thing anymore. They were like Jake Paul, and Logan Paul. Now were talking Clout gang BABY. OK that was really obnoxious but it’s true. #don’thatecausewewinnin. I am mostly just saying that because #Clout-gang are my favorite youtubers. That’s the end bye. PEACE.

Guest Blog

This blog is about Rubigemsblogs. She has an a pretty okay blog. She makes mistakes at least one to five times a blog. She also does a lot of favorites and that’s okay. One of my favorite blogs from her are probably her blog that has her favorite movies just because one of the movies she says are also one of my favorite movies. The good things about her blog is that she makes jokes and tries to make the blog like if she was talking to someone in her regular way or like types the blog like if she was talking to a person. Maybe if she put a little more effort and looked over her blogs once she is finished it would not have any mistakes. Or at least missed more mistakes as usual. But other than that her blogs are okay. She is also my sister so i can say and do whatever i want with her. So i have stole some of her ideas and she has stole some of mine so….


This blog is going to be my experience of how being in the film crew. In the beginning a bunch of people who were not on crew came to just watch, at first i told them to please leave because the second day(Tuesday) it was kind of stressful because i was the producer and the director was late. But i did not really mind if anyone was back, watching people on set. It was fun to watch people on set recorded. It also took a while to film because the video could not load in time when we needed them.


This Saturday was my mothers 31st birthday. When my mom came back from work at 7:00 (she works at night) I was the only one awake. So me, my mom, and my dog went for a walk to Starbucks. After that me and my sister started cleaning up the house. My mom did not want a big party so she invited only her uncle and his 10 year old kid. We ate Jack-in-the-box and kinders. My mom left at around 4:30 to go and get her nails done with my sister. She texted me around 40 minutes after she left to say bring 40 bucks quick. They did not have enough money for their nails because they spend over a hundred dollars on them. So my dad picked her up and gave her the money. We left to the mall and I bought her a necklace. We ate dinner at Bj’s and were deciding wheater or not we should go bowling. We were going to go but my brother got tired. We got home at 11:00. And we stayed up till 12:00. Then went to sleep because it was no longer her birthday.

Daily Basis

On Monday, i usually am mad because its Monday but I remember that my favorite youtubers post the next day. So after I am done with the school day. I come back from school and start doing my homework. After I am done with my homework my mom tells(yells) me to clean up. When I think i am done cleaning up i go upstairs to my bed and play on my phone. After about 10 to 25 minutes my mom calls me to come eat, when really she calls me to clean up when the food is going to be done in 15 minutes.  Then i go back upstairs and take a shower. When I am done i play  on my phone for about an hour. When my dad comes home from work i says hi and he tells me to clean. That is basically my schedule for the whole week. On Saturday and Sunday i usually do the same thing unless we are having a party or going somewhere besides the grocery store and home depot.

My Sunday routine

On most Sundays I really just want to rest. But my mom and day tell me I need to clean up. I also do my homework on Sunday so i should probably make a new schedule for when i do my homework. I also watch the Raiders football game, because they are my favorite team. And if guests come over its just more cleaning. At the end of the day my mom usually makes me and my sister clean some more. But i also play on my phone and do anything that i need to get done.

Schools I’ve been to.

I have only been to three schools. The first school i went to was called Paul Revere and I was there all elementary. It is in San Francisco and it was really cool. I still talk to friends who still go there. I have a lot of good memories from that school. But I remember every time there was a sub there would be a lot of trouble. We would have class performances that we were forced to do and learn but i guess it was fun. I met a lot of good people at that school. I think the only bad thing there was the lunch, the lunch was good before but then they changed the whole entire thing to a healthy schedule. The second school i went to was called Fernando Rivera and it was in Daly City. I went there in 6th grade. I met the most awesome and realest people i  could ever meet. The lunch was good too. The teachers were really nice but strict at times. That was my favorite school that i have been to. I do not really keep in touch with anyone there because i did not have any of their phone numbers, because none of them had phones. I kept in touch with some of my friends through an app that i deleted. But it was a good school. The third school that i went to was Hercules Middle School, in Hercules. The teachers are not strict but they give you structure. I like a lot of the teacher because they are pretty cool and nice. But i do like the school but the only thing that i do not like is the long lunch line because the line could be an actual line but a bunch of people cut others without shame and the teachers see it but do not care about the people who have been waiting longer and the people who just cut through. But i do like the classrooms and the environment around the school .

Favorite songs

I have had a lot of different favorite songs and they change once a month for some reason. Like at the end of June my favorite songs at the time was xo tour life and drowning. Then at mid June to the end of June my cousin showed me a good song that i considered my favorite which was called sinner pt. 2. Now at the end of August my favorite song currently is 1-800-273-8255. I really like that song because it has a good message behind it and i think that the song can really help inspire people who have been going through something. The genre of music that i like is hip-hop, rap, and pop. Sometimes i might even listen to some old music if i just feel like it, but not like old old music or i might listen to some old theme songs from t.v shows. I do also really like some social media influencer’s music as well because they can be pretty good. I do not like songs that are to catchy because i would think that that is an annoying and not such a good song. I don’t have a favorite artist in particular because there is so much to choose from and a lot of artist have an awesome talent.