What I did this weekend

So I am always writing about my weekend, so I’ll probably start writing about something else. So on Friday I went home early because I felt sick. On Saturday my aunt and cousin came over. Then my grandpa came over. At like 7 o’clock we went to trader Joe’s and Walmart. On Sunday, which is today, I ate crapes in the morning. My mom made them and they tasted really good. After we went to Dick sporting goods. Then ate at BJ’s, went to the mall, TJ-maxx, and then World Market. That was it.


What I did this weekend

I did not really do much during the weekend. On Saturday I had to wake up at 8:00 to go to my brothers baseball game. He’s 4, his baseball team is around 3,4, and 5. No one won, I guess. It was a tie. On Sunday, I did not really do anything till 2:30. We went out to get some snacks. Then we went to Barnes and Nobles because why not. I found 3 books that look interesting and got them. So yeah that was basically it.

What I did during break

So the break was 2 weeks ago, but I am going to write about it anyway. So the only exciting thing I did was on Tuesday, February 20. I went to a concert. I do not care what people say but yes, I went to a Jacob Sartorius concert. A lot of people do not like him, but um…I do not care. The other day I guess I did not really go out or do anything but I am glad that there was no school.

My weekend

This weekend was funner than I expected because I finally did something I like. On Saturday I went to David’s Bridal because my cousin is going to get married so we had to go and look for dresses for her. And it was cool seeing her try on dresses. She did find her dress. On Sunday I went to Santa Cruz to go to the clam chowder festival, I did not try any because I don’t like clam chowder. But I went on a lot of rides and they were all cool. My cousin also came, she also went to a bunch of rides with me because my sister is too much of a wimp to go on any rides. So we left Santa Cruz at 4 and got home at 7.

My weekend

It was not boring I guess, just not fun. So on Saturday I went to my grandmas house but before I went there she wanted to go to the flea market with her husband. I don’t like him. We ate there and then my mom, dad, and brother showed up. After we went to my grandmas house and I brought my favorite sweater that had a hole. I know that she knew how to fix it so I brought it and she fixed it. Which was awesome of her. Then we went to KFC. While we were eating inside there was a crazy man behind us and I was scared. Then we went home and slept. On Sunday we went to another flee market to return something because my grandmas husband wanted to see his brother, his brother is usually selling stuff. After we went to my dad’s nephews house because my mom, cousin, and aunt were getting a facial from my uncles wife. And that is basically it!


I knew the Eagles were going to WIN. So I clearly believe that I can tell the future, even though it doesn’t seem possible. My sister bet that the Patriots were going to win but I said that the Eagles were going to win. And who was right? Me! Just as I expected. If the Patriots won I feel that would be boring and you’d already would expect it. So now my sister owes me 5 bucks!

My dog

My dog had surgery, last Thursday, so he doesn’t have babies. The vet said the procedure took longer than expected.  But he was ok. My dog has to have a cone on his head for two weeks and he can’t take it off. So he doesn’t bite the area where he had the surgery. He can’t run or jump but he still does, which is why I keep getting mad at him. He’s doing good now but he’s still trying to bite the area where he had his surgery.

What I did this weekend(Edited)

On my last blog post I didn’t write everything about my weekend. So I’m just going to put what  I did on Saturday because YES I DID SOMETHING. So on Saturday I was just chilling. Then at 1:00 I had to get ready to go to the movies with some friends. We watched the Greatest Showman. It was not what I had expected because I thought the movie was going to be about Zac Efron and Zendaya but it didn’t so the movie wasn’t that interesting. Definitely not my favorite movie. I do not like movies when people are just  having a conversation and they go right into singing. Which is what this song had so I didn’t really like it. Also why I don’t like high school musical. Then after when the movie was done I wanted to sneak into Jumanji but my friends said omg no no. I was like whatever then lets go.

What I did this weekend

This weekend I went to a baby shower. On Saturday I went nowhere. But on Sunday I went to a baby shower. It was really cool because there was lots of kids and I was playing with them. I know it sounds lame and not cool but I do not care. The kids attacked me in the jumper because I was the only person over the age of 9. They were all 8 and younger. They were violent, and I am not kidding. There was about 7 kids in the jumper and 5 of them jumped on top of me. They had good treats and games. They had marshmallow’s, cookies, m&m’s, and other stuff.

What I did this week

Friday after noon from coming back from jai–school, I went on Netflix and watched my favorite t.v show. My babysitters a Vampire. Then on Saturday my aunt and cousins came over and it was fun. Then on Sunday after noon like at 3:00 we went to my other aunts house, they live in Tracy. So we got there at like 4 and left at 9. Then I took a shower and just chilled around my phone. Then I went to sleep. I woke up so tired and wanted to not go to school, so a regular day for me.